“ I have recorded sightings of more than 375 different bird species in Portugal. ”

Hello! I am Rui Pereira, an amateur nature photographer with a special interest in capturing the magnificent birds that inhabit the southern region of Portugal.

Over the past 10 years, I have immersed myself in the world of bird photography and gained valuable experience in this field.

My photographic work has been recognized in both scientific research and journalistic articles, where I have had the opportunity to share the beauty and diversity of the birds I encounter during my expeditions. My portfolio includes several photographs capturing unique moments in the lives of these fascinating creatures.

As an amateur observer, I have recorded sightings of more than 375 different bird species in Portugal. Each encounter is a special experience for me, as I admire the delicacy of their feathers, their elegance in flight, and the harmony they bring to the natural environment. Each new species I come across fuels my curiosity and increases my desire to know and learn more.

What truly captivates me is the opportunity to “work” in harmony with nature. As a photographer, I have the chance to capture moments that would otherwise go unnoticed, such as the sunrise over a group of flamingos or the graceful flight of a vulture soaring in the sky. Each click of my camera is an effort to capture the essence of wildlife, preserving it for future generations.

In addition to the photographic aspect, I take great pleasure in sharing the knowledge I have acquired over the years. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to share details about birds, their characteristics, behaviors, and habitats. My goal is to inspire and encourage others to appreciate and preserve the richness of the fauna that surrounds us.

My journey as a photographer and amateur observer is ongoing! Come along with me!


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